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Wightsteeple Productions offers a variety of educational theatre arts and musical experiences for school systems, Non-profit and For-profit organizations, municipalities and individuals.

Director and Owner of Wightsteeple Productions, Bill Wightman, is teacher, accomplished musician and theatrical performer and is an artist on the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts roster of "Artists in Residence."

An alumni of Berklee College of Music in Boston with a major in composition and performance, Bill has been working with students of all ages in both theatre and music since 1985. He uses his talents as a director, composer, pianist and teacher to bring the magic of music & theatre to his participants. Of these talents, perhaps the most impressive is his ability to connect with the "wonder of the child" in each person he works with. Bill also has the unique ability to work with large groups of children, engage their eager participation and unleash their hidden hopes, fears, desires and talent.

Through the use of his proven organizational techniques, musical abilities combined with his genuine, honest and "down to earth" approach, he establishes a rapport and a feeling of confidence with young people so that even the most resistive and apprehensive student finds the courage to take that theatrical risk. He believes it is that risk that allows and promotes liberation from self and thereby, ironically, self-discovery. The student finds himself or herself in the midst of the reward before they can realize the uncertainty and toils of their endeavor.